Microsoft Project năm 2016 is a project management software product, developed & sold by Microsoft. It is designed to assist a project manager in developing a plan, assigning resources lớn tasks, managing the budget, tracking progress, & analyzing workloads.

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In the article, I will guide you on how to download & use MicrosoftProject Professional năm nhâm thìn without product key.

You tải về Microsoft Project Professional 2016 from Microsoft here.

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How lớn Activate Microsoft Project 2016 without Product Key

Step 1: You copythe following codeinto a new text document.

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Step 2: Then you create a new text document.


Step 3:You paste the code inlớn the text tệp tin. Then you choose “Save As” to save sầu it as a batch file (named “Projectnăm nhâm thìn.cmd”)



Step 4:Yourun the batch file as administrator.


Please wait…


Done! Your Microsoft Project Professional năm 2016 has been activated successfully.

You can check the activation status again.You can watch this đoạn phim lớn know How khổng lồ Activate Microsoft Project 2016 without Product Key

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