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Car Parking Multiplayer
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Android 6.0

Car Parking Multiplayer MOD APK (Unlimited Money) is an extremely quality driving simulation game of the olzhass publisher, requiring you lớn park in the right place.

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Introduce about Car Parking MultiplayerMOD APK version of Car Parking Multiplayer

Introduce about Car Parking Multiplayer

Parking is a problem in big cities. Currently, cars are becoming more and more popular. So if you use the car lớn get khổng lồ work every day, you’ll have a headache finding a good parking spot. This inadvertently became the inspiration for the olzhass developer lớn create an extremely interesting game called Car Parking Multiplayer. Here, you get a không tính tiền driving & parking class. Not stop there, you can make friends & interact with millions of other players through Online mode.


As a driving simulation game, but when compared to similar games such as Car Simulator 2 or Dr. Driving, Car Parking Multiplayer has a completely new topic. Your task is to park the oto in the position that the game requires. It sounds simple, but in reality, it is not so.


Accuracy, skillful & experience are essential elements of a good driver. Just a little collision with other cars or you accidentally hit the fence on the sidewalk, which is enough khổng lồ make you have sầu to lớn play from the beginning. In particular, you must pay attention to lớn pedestrians và other vehicles. The first two levels only require you lớn move in a straight line, keeping a steady speed & braking at the right time. The difficulty will appear at level 3 when you are quite far from the parking location, & your parking space is between two other vehicles. You need lớn vì chưng well in bends if you vì chưng not want to lớn play again.

No one wants lớn be stuck in the oto park (or parking basement) for too long. It’s true. Not only requires you khổng lồ drive & park skillfully, but Car Parking Multiplayer also limits the time for each level. If during that period of time, you bởi vì not park in time, you thua kém. Surely, you don’t want an important meeting just because you’re stuck in the parking lot, right?


In general, the controls of Car Parking Multiplayer are not much different. You can choose one of three controls including arrow keys, steering wheel và tilting device. I usually choose the steering wheel because it makes me feel lượt thích driving a real car. All functions of a oto such as turn signals, headlights, reverse, brake, throttle are on the screen. You just need khổng lồ select the corresponding buttons.


Graphics are one of the svào points of Car Parking Multiplayer that you can easily recognize right from the first level. It is not inferior khổng lồ the leading racing games for Mobile. The environment in the game is an extremely realistic simulation. You can feel it from cars, houses, transportation systems, landscapes, … Besides, the movement of the car is extremely smooth and accurate. It helps you feel the movement of the car to lớn park the car in the right position.



Currently, Car Parking Multiplayer gives you three modes including Levels, Single Play and Online Game.

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Levels mode is like Career Mode. You need khổng lồ complete the challenges of the game sequentially. Challenges are getting more difficult và more complex, you need to improve your ability to drive sầu. This is also the mode lớn help you get a lot of money.

You want khổng lồ relax by driving & sightseeing, don’t you? Single Play is a không tính phí driving mode that allows you lớn vì whatever you want. No rules, no goals, nothing. You can comfortably drive sầu anywhere. Car Parking Multiplayer gives you dozens of detailed designed maps including cities, deserts, beaches & more.

Besides, you can interact with other players in Online trò chơi mode. Still the maps of Single Play, but you will drive sầu with friends or other online players. You can chat with them via Chat or microphone of your phone.

Interact with other drivers

Have you ever played a driving simulation game that allows you to lớn get off? This feature appears to only appear in the GTA series, but olzhass cleverly incorporated it into their simulation game. Sometimes, you can get off the oto, observe sầu the entire road before using the oto to lớn move. In particular, you can control your character to perform some fun actions such as jumping, waving, clapping & many other actions. Use it in Online trò chơi mode to lớn interact with other players.

Next to lớn the car door open button is a button that allows you to lock the oto và turn off the engine. I did not understvà the meaning of this feature, until playing Online trò chơi mode, I was robbed by another player while I was outside. Remember, always lock your car after going out, whether in the game or in real life!

Unloông xã characters & cars

Car Parking Multiplayer owns a range of models of famous oto brands such as BMW, Ferrari, Mercedes and more. Expensive sầu cars will give you better performance, easier lớn control. However, at first, you probably won’t get used to its speed.


Besides the car, you can unlock one of a series of hilarious characters such as the police, an office girl or even an astronaut.