The Check Disk (CHKDSK) tool is a handy way to lớn look for hard drive errors, and it"s easy khổng lồ use too.

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Computer with an error on-screen
With an operating system as complex as Windows, things often go wrong without any apparent reason. You may encounter random program crashes, data loss, or your files may become inaccessible among mỏi a legion of other issues.

If you encounter a random issue on Windows 10, your first instinct should be to scan your hard drive for errors. This is where the CHKDSK system utility comes in. Let’s see what CHKDSK is và how lớn use it.

What Is the CHKDSK Utility on Windows 10?

CHKDSK stands for “Cheông xã Disk”. The name alone gives away a lot of the details about the CHKDSK utility.

The CHKDSK utility scans your hard drive sầu for potential logical issues. This includes checking for bad files, missing file metadata, wrong file types & sizes, & bad sectors. Put simply, if there is something wonky going on with the files và filesystems on Windows, CHKDSK will figure out the problem và will attempt to fix it.

How to Use CHKDSK on Windows

You can use the CHKDSK from inside the File Explorer or from an elevated Command Prompt window.

How to Use CHKDSK From File Explorer

To use it from inside File Explorer, open This PC, & right-cliông xã on the drive that you want to lớn scan. Then, navigate khổng lồ Properties > Tools > Check.

Once you cliông chồng on Cheông chồng in the Error checking section, Windows will tell you whether it has found any errors on the drive or not. If it has found errors, you can scan the drive lớn fix those errors. Otherwise, Windows will advise you against it.

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Scanning a drive from the File Explorer
That said, if you want khổng lồ scan the drive sầu either way, just cliông xã on Scan drive in the dialogue box. This will start the CHKDSK scan.

Scanning a drive from the File Explorer

How to lớn Use CHKDSK From the Command Prompt

The CHKDSK command gives you a lot more control over the CHKDSK utility. Using this comm&, you can tell the utility precisely what you want it lớn vị. For instance, you can tell it khổng lồ only scan for bad sectors.

To use the CHKDSK commvà, open an elevated Commvà Prompt window by hitting Win + S & typing cmd. Then, right-clichồng on the relevant result và select Run as administrator.

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In Comm& Prompt, type chkdsk /r và press enter. Replace with the drive letter of the drive that you want lớn scan.

CHKDSK command
The scan takes a long time to finish & may appear khổng lồ get stuông xã on occasion. However, it's best lớn let CHKDSK finish its job uninterrupted, so let it bởi vì its work.

CHKDSK Is a Handy Tool, So Learn to lớn Use It

CHKDSK can save sầu your files from disaster before it strikes. So, regularly kiểm tra your hard disk for logical errors và bad sectors. And although CHKDSK is often enough in most cases, be aware that sometimes you may need khổng lồ run some additional scans lượt thích SFC.

What Is the Difference Between CHKDSK, SFC, và DISM in Windows 10? Confused about CHKDSK, SFC, & DISM? We look at the three Windows diagnostic tools và explain how they work in different ways.

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