Coca-Cola uses artificial intelligence (AI) to understvà customer behaviour và br& effectiveness through its next-gene vending machines.

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Image credit: Coca-Cola

In order to use the sản phẩm điện thoại phầm mềm, consumers need to lớn register with their social truyền thông media tài khoản. Coca-Cola uses AI lớn analyse the social truyền thông media content of their consumers, generating insights on where, when and how its products are consumed. Based on the consumer behaviour và demographics analysis, Coca-Cola can identify which products are popular in which areas.

Another interesting AI application via social media is the Chatbot platkhung. Facebook users can chat with the “vending bot” through the Messenger application. Using location data, the tone of conversation and consumers’ activities on Facebook, the bot customises its dialect and attitude lớn each user, creating a personalised interactive experience.

Coca-Cola also uses its consumer insights khổng lồ generate targeted marketing nội dung. Since the machines are connected khổng lồ the cloud, the beverage prices can be easily configured remotely according to lớn the promotions offered at specific locations.

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Coca-Cola is a great example of a global business that operates on a local scale. The company recognises that every market is different & the only way to adapt lớn specific preferences is to lớn analyse consumer data.

The AI-powered vending machines have sầu become Coca-Cola’s game-changer in market retìm kiếm. With real-time analytics of sản phẩm performance, the company is strongly equipped with market insights that will keep it one step ahead of the competition.

By stocking the right products at the right location, Coca-Cola saw a 15% increase in its vending machines’ transactions and the need for restocking visits dropped by 18%.AI provides predictive analytics on how a hàng hóa will perkhung at particular locations.Via sản phẩm điện thoại phầm mềm interactions, AI analyses the social media content of consumers, generating insights on where, when & how its products are consumed.Using location data, Chatbot customises its dialect và attitude to lớn each user, creating a personalised interactive experience.Consumer insights are also used to generate geo-targeted sale content.