Microsoft Office 2007 is a version of Microsoft Office, a family of office suites and productivity software for Windows, developed và published by Microsoft. It was released to lớn manufacturing on November 3, 2006; it was subsequently made available to lớn volume license customers on November 30, 2006, và later lớn retail on January 30, 2007, the same respective release dates of Windows Vista. It was preceded by Office 2003 and succeeded by Office 2010.

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Office 2007 introduced a new graphical user interface called the Fluent User Interface, which uses ribbons và an Office thực đơn instead of thực đơn bars & toolbars. Office 2007 also introduced Office mở cửa XML file formats as the mặc định file formats in Excel, PowerPoint, and Word. The new formats are intended to facilitate the sharing of information between programs, improve security, reduce the size of documents, & enable new recovery scenartiện ích ios.

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1.Link Google Drive

Microsoft Office 2007 Enterprise: you clichồng here

2.Link Microsoft: The 2007 Microsoft Office Suite Service Paông chồng 1 (SP1) you clichồng here

How khổng lồ install và activate Microsoft Office 2007

Step 1: The tệp tin you download is iso tệp tin, so you need to tải về 7-Zip khổng lồ extract it

Step 2: After you extract tệp tin, you have Office 2007 folder. You open this thư mục & run cài đặt.exe tệp tin.

Step 3: You use Microsoft Office 2007 hàng hóa key HGDQJ-TBV2H-FM2Q3-PC7M8-GDW7W to install và activate MS Office 2007


These files also have Microsoft Word 2007, Microsoft Excel 2007, Microsoft Access 2007, Microsoft Infopath 2007

Office 2007 requires Windows XP. with SP 2, Windows Server 2003 with SP 1, or a later operating system; it is the last version of Microsoft Office khổng lồ run on Windows XP Professional x64 Edition

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