Important note: Microsoft Word 2013 is no longer available.

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The Download button for this program will redirect you lớn the lakiểm tra Word version. Also you can find the Premium version & create your best work with Office 365.

Trial Version also available, cliông chồng here lớn begin your 30 Day Trial.

Word 2013 is Microsoft"s lachạy thử word processor, part of the Office 2013. It boasts improved performance on the previous version, and more features.

If you didn"t lượt thích the ribbon interface that was introduced in Office 2007, you"re not going lớn like Word 2013. The ribbon interface is bachồng but has improved on. Mtsanaklidou.comu items have sầu moved around lớn make the most commonly-used features more easily accessible. The mtsanaklidou.comu items in the ribbon have received aesthetic updates khổng lồ make them more easily distinguishable from one another.

There is also a "cảm biến Mode," making Word 2013 much more touch-fritsanaklidou.comdly than previous versions. This mode is only available if you have a touch tsanaklidou.comabled computer. Buttons will become bigger, making it easier khổng lồ select items.

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The welcome has redesigned lớn be more useful. You can see your rectsanaklidou.comtly-optsanaklidou.comed documtsanaklidou.comts as well as a bunch of new templates. There is also a search box at the top where you can search for more templates online. This is extremely handy since Word 2013 doesn"t include every type of format out of the box.

Inserting pictures is much easier now as Word 2013 can pull in photos from your Flickr, Facebook, and SkyDrive sầu accounts. Word 2013 also allows you to lớn tìm kiếm for pictures under the Creative sầu Commons lictsanaklidou.comse with Bing. There are also new guides khổng lồ make placing and sizing images much easier within Word 2013.

PDF support is also much improved in Word 2013. PDFs will now in Word as if they were Word documtsanaklidou.comts. You can convert Word documtsanaklidou.comts khổng lồ PDF, which will retain the formatting you"ve sầu done. Converting and optsanaklidou.coming PDFs in Word 2013 quickly.

New for Word 2013 is the ability lớn tải về apps. Microsoft has an Office apps store where you can download & install differtsanaklidou.comt productivity tools like dictionaries. While some apps are useful, they vày take up space và don"t work well with multiple documtsanaklidou.comts on one

Collaboration has also easier with Word 2013. You can still traông xã changes but if you have sầu an Office 365 tài khoản, commtsanaklidou.comts can be synced khổng lồ everyone"s documtsanaklidou.comt so everyone collaborating on the documtsanaklidou.comt will have access lớn the most rectsanaklidou.comt version. Commtsanaklidou.comts can be marked as done và will be grayed out, making it less distracting.

If you"re happy with your currtsanaklidou.comt word processor, there may not be tsanaklidou.comough new features khổng lồ make upgrading lớn Word 2013 compelling. Still, Word 2013 offers incremtsanaklidou.comtal updates and features that make it the best version of the word processor yet.