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USDT is fairly simple to lớn use. When you have sầu tài khoản on exchanges such as tsanaklidou.com, Poloniex... that tsanaklidou.com USDT, you then have USDT wallet. It can be easily transferred from an exchange khổng lồ any Omni Layer enabled wallet. Or you can also create your personal wallet as following instruction: 

We are going to lớn show you how khổng lồ use the Tether.lớn Platform.

Part 1 - Create an trương mục with Tether.io

Step 1: Clichồng here khổng lồ go khổng lồ Tether.to

Step 2: Clichồng “Signup” to create an account



Step 4: Your account will be created. In order lớn use it, you must activate 2-factor authentication, which will also add an extra layer of security khổng lồ your account. Click “Security Page”


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Step 7: You will be given a code (Which changes every so often). Type the code in và click “Enable”

2-FA is now active sầu. You’ll need your phone lớn access your account, so make sure you don’t đại bại it.Step 8: Now go to lớn your email address và click the activation link sent by Tether

Your tin nhắn will be confirmed

Part 2 - Verify your Identity

In order to lớn deposit or withdraw USD, you must first go through a verification process

Step 1: Click "yourusername" on the upper right corner

Step 4: Now scroll down. Take some time to read the information displayed as it will help with the verification processStep 5: Cliông xã "Continue to lớn Individual Verification"

Step 6: Complete all sections displayed khổng lồ fully veirfy your tài khoản. Click "Begin" to lớn start each section

Part 3 - Send/Receive/Withdraw

Sending and receiving USDT is pretty straight forward. You will be given a Bitcoin wallet address which you can use to receive sầu USDT funds. All you need to vị is go lớn "Add Funds":