DownloadAvast Premier năm 2016 11.1.2253 Full Craông chồng Latest isantivirus program that is popularly used khổng lồ clean up all viruses contained on a computer with a very fast và easy, the program is equipped with features that are easy khổng lồ use to lớn clean up all kinds of new virut is on your computer very easily và equipped with the lademo database updates for this kind the new vi khuẩn.

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Features Of Avast Premier 2016HTTPS scanningAbility khổng lồ detect và decrypt TLS/SSL protected traffic in the Web-content filtering component. This feature will protect you against viruses coming through HTTPs traffic as well as adding compatibility for SPDY+HTTPS/ HTTP 2.0 traffic. You can tune/disable this feature in the settings section.AVAST NGA hardware based virtualization solution capable of running each Windows process in standalone safe virtualized environment (VM) & fully integrated khổng lồ your desktop. Each process is executed in its own instance of VM, which means totally isolated from your other applications. This feature is now powering the Avast DeepScreen, resulting in better detection. Avast NG requires HW virtualization enabled.SecureDNS (this feature is active in the paid versions only)A new provider which guards against unprotected DNS/DNS hijack on a router/client (including unsecured networks, public ones, etc.).trang chủ Network SecurityScan your home network for vulnerabilities (wifi status, connected devices, router settings, factory passwords, etc.). It helps khổng lồ discover potential problems not isolated on the particular device only, but in the entire network of devices you use or connect lớn the Internet from.Smart ScanIntegrated all on dem& scans inkhổng lồ one (Antivirut, Software updates, Home Network, GrimeFighter). One scan, different results và recommendations.New Support SystemEasy liên hệ for paid users lớn submit a ticket with all info included automatically. Improved knowledge base for không tính phí users. Help is completely online và is more up khổng lồ date.General bugfixingThis covers a lot of stability & performance changes in all components (but the main focus was traditionally on the network & engine components).

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How to Insert Avast License Key
Launch the Avast interface. You can vì this through the Start menu or by double-clicking the “Avast” tray inhỏ on your taskbar.Cliông chồng the “Maintenance” tab at the top of the Avast window.Clichồng “Registration” from the Maintenance menu on the left side of the screen.Cliông chồng “Insert The License Key.”Locate the license tệp tin on your computer and double-click it to insert it into lớn Avast.#If you needed password, please use the password: ZeNiXDownloadAvast Premier năm 2016 11.1.2253 Setup <200MB>Only Crack <338Kb>Direct Link Download