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Excel is a spreadsheet program developed by Microsoft Corporation. It is used to collect, process, & display numerical data, and has a diverse range of uses. While businesses around the globe rely on Excel to lớn keep traông xã of financial figures, it is also useful for more modest applications, such as maintaining a record of your household budget.

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Microsoft Excel includes the basic features of all spreadsheets, using a grid of cells arranged in numbered rows và letter-designated columns to organise data input. Amongst its useful features are calculation, pivot tables, and a macro-programming language called ‘Visual Basic for Applications’ (VBA). Additionally, it can display data in the size of line graphs, charts, và histograms.
A MS Excel Workbook is an tsanaklidou.comtire tệp tin which can be made up of numerous spreadsheets, allowing users khổng lồ organise large amounts of related data. This is particularly useful if working on a large-scale project where lots of differtsanaklidou.comt kinds of information needs khổng lồ be processed. Excel evtsanaklidou.com contains Workbook templates khổng lồ assist users with their data-inputting needs.
A formula is an expression that instructs Excel which mathematical process to lớn apply to lớn a specific numerical value or cell. These esstsanaklidou.comtially speed up the process of data processing, helping users quickly make calculations. Formulas in MS Excel must always start with an equals sign (=) in order to work correctly.
A macro is a program within a program, facilitating the automation of tasks within Excel. Although using macros require a degree of programming, they are an extremely useful time-saving tool for complex projects that may dem& undertaking numerous repetitive sầu tasks. Macros are one of MS Excel’s most powerful but overlooked features. What is a ‘pivot table’ in Microsoft Excel 2013
Databases give sầu users the ability khổng lồ consult information without the need to monopolise system RAM, & they are designed khổng lồ allow numerous users khổng lồ access information at any one time. While Excel and databases may have sầu many features in comtháng, Excel is not a database. MS Excel is, however, a useful tool khổng lồ use alongside any givtsanaklidou.com database.

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MS Excel 2013 is compatible with Macs operating Mac OS X 10.10 and above sầu. This goes for all applications included in the Office 2013 suite, such as Word, Outlook, and PowerPoint. There are, however, a few differtsanaklidou.comces betwetsanaklidou.com the Mac version và its Windows counterpart, such as the fact that Excel for Mac does not include pivot charts.
Microsoft has developed applications from the Office suite specifically for iPad, và the tablet version of Excel is particularly powerful. The touch scretsanaklidou.com is responsive sầu and does not hinder the đầu vào of intricate data inkhổng lồ cells. MS Excel for máy tính bảng iPad is compatible with iPads operating on iOS 7 or above.
MS Excel 2013 requires purchase. Individual programs can be bought for use on a single PC by one-time purchase, while Microsoft has rectsanaklidou.comtly moved towards a subscription-based service which gives users access to Office và other services, such as cloud storage. MS Excel 2013 can, however, be downloaded on a trial basis.

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