•One-time purchase for 1 PC•Classic 2021 versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, & Outlook, plus quảng cáo trên internet and Access•tsanaklidou.com tư vấn included for first 60 days at no extra cost•Compatible with Windows 11 & Windows 10*•Works with tsanaklidou.com Teams*Go lớn aka.ms/systemrequirements for compatible versions of Windows 11 and Windows 10 and for other feature requirements.

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Key benefits

The essentials to get it all done. Office Professional 2021 is for growing small businesses who want the classic Office apps plus Outlook, quảng cáo online, và Access.1 A one-time purchase installed on 1 PC for use at work.


A one-time purchase


Install on one PC


Classic Office apps



tsanaklidou.com 365 is a subscription that comes with premium apps lượt thích Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Onelưu ý, Outlook, quảng cáo trên internet, & Access (Publisher và Access available on PC only). The apps can be installed on multiple devices, including PCs, Macs, iPads, iPhones, Android tablets, và Android phones. tsanaklidou.com 365 also comes with services lượt thích 1 TB of OneDrive sầu storage, 60 Skype minutes per month, & tsanaklidou.com chat and phone support. With a subscription, you get the lachạy thử versions of the apps and automatically receive updates when they happen.

Office 2021 is a one-time purchase that comes with classic apps lượt thích Word, Excel, & PowerPoint for PC or Mac, and does not include any of the services that come with a tsanaklidou.com 365 subscription. One-time purchases don’t have sầu an tăng cấp option, which means if you plan to nâng cấp to the next major release, you"ll have to lớn buy it at full price.

Learn more about the differences between tsanaklidou.com 365 & Office 2021 in Office Support, or use the comparison chart khổng lồ help you pick the right Office version for your needs.

How bởi I know if my computer, mobile device, or browser can run Office?

To see if your computer, mobile device, and/or browser can run Office, please visit the Office system requirements page.

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Do I need internet access to lớn run Office?

Internet access is required to install and activate Office, but not to lớn use Office apps such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint once you have sầu these fully installed on your computer.

How vày I tải về, install, reinstall, activate, or update Office?

Once you have purchased Office, you can install it from the Services & subscriptions section of your tsanaklidou.com Account page.

Go to Office Support for more steps to lớn download, install, reinstall, activate, or update Office.

Can people using older Office versions open documents I created using tsanaklidou.com 365 or Office 2021?

People using tsanaklidou.com 365, Office 2021, Office 2019, năm 2016, 2013, 2010, and 2007 as well as Office for Mac 2011 and 2008 will be able khổng lồ open và view your documents, but those on earlier versions may need to lớn install a compatibility pack.

Are there tutorials on how khổng lồ use the Office apps and services?

Yes, the tsanaklidou.com 365 Training Center has quiông chồng start guides, cheat sheets, tips and tricks, and training courses on how you can make the best use of Office.