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Managing multiple projects is a juggling act; managing multiple projects with intertwined dependencies can be a nightmare.

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Project provides tools lớn help you manage cross-project dependencies, even tasks in one project that are dependent on the completion of another project.

When things get even more complicated, you can tap into Project Server, SharePoint, & Outlook.

Follow the link in each step khổng lồ get detailed information about each process.

This article is one of many project management goals on the Project Road Map.

Example from project management . . .

When you liên kết one project khổng lồ another by creating dependencies between tasks in those projects, you aren"t necessarily combining two projects inlớn one. You are making it possible lớn manage or monitor two separate projects from one location.

For example, your main project is the construction of an airplane. Your facility cannot attach the wings (a task in the main project) until another facility builds the wings (an entire project). Other tasks in the other project might also be beyond your control.

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You can liên kết the “wing building” project lớn your main project as a task that updates as new information is available. Or you can make “wing building” into lớn a subproject of your master project. The choice depends on whether you simply want updates on the progress of the other project or you need khổng lồ manage it directly.

Work with multiple projects

Master projects and subprojects

Merge subprojects inkhổng lồ a single master project to lớn monitor how individual projects affect a related group of projects.

Communicate project information

Making sure stakeholders and team members have up-to-date project data is a key to successfully juggling multiple projects.

Collaborate without Project

Find out what other applications you can use to lớn share project information.

Use Project with previous versions

Managing multiple projects may involve reviewing files that were created in an earlier version of Project.

Embed Excel data in Project

You can insert Excel data inlớn Project as a linked object that is updated dynamically when you change the source tệp tin.

Sync with a SharePoint task danh mục

SharePoint can help you cốt truyện project information without using Project Server.

Up to speed with Project Web App

The ultimate tools for project collaboration: Project Server & its companion Project Web App.

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