From 1 March 2022 OneDrive will stop working on Windows 8.1. What does that mean for Microsoft Office 365 and other Office software compatible with Windows 8.1? Can Word & other Office apps still work with documents saved on OneDrive sầu.

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Windows 8.1 customers are left with unanswered questions after Microsoft’s announcement that their OneDrive phầm mềm would stop syncing on 1 March 2022.

Microsoft’s own Office 365 and other Office releases (like Office 2016) are supported on Windows 8.1 và work with OneDrive sầu.

Microsoft has made OneDrive an integral part of modern Office so it’s hard to lớn understvà them cutting off OneDrive sầu from a version of Windows that’s still supported và approved khổng lồ use with the lathử nghiệm version of Microsoft Office.

Will Office 365 still work on Windows 8.1?

In short, yes.

Office 365 and other Office bundles which are supported on Windows 8.1 will continue to work with OneDrive stored documents just in all the ways you can now.

Office 365 on Windows 8.1 with no OneDrive app but still connected to lớn a OneDrive personal account

The OneDrive tiện ích disconnection in March 2022 will NOT blochồng Office 365 from documents saved on OneDrive sầu but you might need to lớn change the way you work.

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Open documents direct only

The March 2022 change means that Office 365 customers won’t be able khổng lồ open OneDrive sầu documents when offline.

But they can still open OneDrive sầu documents directly from within the Office apps while online. The File panes will continue lớn be linked to lớn OneDrive accounts and display documents stored there.

See Two ways khổng lồ open a OneDrive sầu document in Microsoft Office to understvà the important difference.

How can you be sure?

Microsoft, khổng lồ its shame, has not kept Office 365 customers informed about this change.

We did some tests to confirm that Office 365 for Windows connects to lớn OneDrive without needing the OneDrive app. That’s how we made the screen-shot above sầu.

That’s because Microsoft has another way to connect with OneDrive, the OneDrive sầu API (Application Programming Interface). Many apps connect directly to lớn OneDrive without using the OneDrive sầu tiện ích, including Microsoft Office.

It’s possible that Microsoft will cripple the OneDrive API lớn match the new ‘older Windows’ restrictions but they’ve sầu said nothing lớn suggest that will happen. If the API was restricted, there’d be many developers, including the Office team, who would be mighty unhappy.

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