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past /pɑ:st/ tính từ (thuộc) quá khứ, đã qua, (thuộc) dĩ vãngfor the past few days: mấy ngày quahis pain is past now: cơn đau của anh ấy đã qua rồi (ngôn ngữ học) quá khứpast tense: thói quá khứpast participle: động tính từ quá khứ danh từ quá khứ, dĩ vãng; quá khứ không hay ho gì (ngôn ngữ học) ((thường) the past) thời quá khứ phó từ quato walk past: đi quato run past: chạy qua quáthe train is past due: xe lửa quá giờ rồi mà chưa đến giới từ quá, vượt, quá, hơnit is past six: đã quá sáu giờ hơnhe is past fifty: ông ta đã hơn (ngoài) năm mươipast endurance: vượt quá sự chịu đựng, không thể chịu đựng nổi quato run past the house: chạy qua nhà
quá khứpast flood: lũ (đã xảy ra) trong quá khứpast history of a systemtiền sử của hệ thốngpast requirementnhu cầu trước đâypast service costgiá sau dịch vụwelding pastbột hàn


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Từ điển Collocation

past noun

1 time before the present

ADJ. immediate, recent | ancient, (dim and) distant, remote Many modern festivals can be traced back to an ancient past. It all happened in the distant past.

VERB + PAST cling to, live in We"re going to have to stop living in the past and invest in new technology if the firm is to survive. | belong in/to Those memories belong to the past and I don"t want to think about them.

PREP. from the ~ Memories from the past came flooding back to him. | in the ~ I admit that I have made mistakes in the past. | into the ~ events stretching back many years into the past | of the ~ great artists of the past

PHRASES be all in the past Don"t worry about it?it"s all in the past now. | a break with the past In an effort to make a complete break with the past, she sold everything and went abroad. | a glimpse of the past The uncovering of the buried town gives us a unique glimpse of the past. | a link with the past The old market is a living link with the past, unchanged for hundreds of years. | nostalgia for the past, a thing of the past a new device that makes such problems a thing of the past

2 sb/sth"s history

ADJ. historic, historical | colourful, rich | chequered, murky, sordid | criminal | glorious, illustrious Few remnants remain of the city"s glorious past. | cultural, political | ancestral, evolutionary | imperial, industrial

VERB + PAST reflect on/upon | recapture trying in vain to recapture his past | erase, escape from, put behind you, wipe out Political parties cannot escape from their pasts any more than individuals can. The counselling helped Dan to put the past behind him.

PREP. from your ~ ghosts from his past | in your ~ at some time in her past

Từ điển WordNet


a earlier period in someone"s life (especially one that they have reason to keep secret)

reporters dug into the candidate"s past


earlier than the present time; no longer current

time past

his youth is past

this past Thursday

the past year

a verb tense or other construction referring to events or states that existed at some previous time

past participle


English Synonym and Antonym Dictionary

pastssyn.: former over preceding previousant.: future