put forth

1. To exert, assert, or expover something, especially effort. A noun or pronoun can be used between "put" and "forth." They played competently, but they just didn"t put forth enough effort to lớn win. If you don"t put your best effort forth, there"s no way they"ll consider you for the job.2. To offer or propose something for consideration. A noun or pronoun can be used between "put" và "forth." The newly elected mayor has put forth a number of plans for dealing with the housing crisis in the thành phố. I want each of you lớn put three new ideas forth by the end of every week.See also: forth, put

put (something) forth

lớn exert effort. You are going khổng lồ have sầu to put more effort forth if you want to lớn succeed. You need to lớn put forth. You are not carrying your load.See also: forth, put

put forth

1. Grow, as in This bush puts forth new shoots each spring. 2. Bring khổng lồ bear, exert, as in We"ll have khổng lồ put forth a great khuyến mãi more effort. 3. Also, phối forth. Offer for consideration, as in She put forth at least three new ideas. 4. Bring khổng lồ notice, publish, as in The appendix puts forth a fresh analysis of events. 5. See phối forth. See also: forth, put

put forth


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1. To propose something; offer something for consideration: Who first put forth the idea that the Earth is round rather than flat? At the hearing, the lawyer put it forth that the witnesses were all lying.

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2. To exert something: I wish you would put forth more effort at school.3. To grow some new part, such as leaves, roots, or shoots. Used of plants: The bulb will put forth a shoot if you water it every day.See also: forth, putSee also:

put forth

1.produce(leaves)长出(叶子)In spring the trees put forth new leaves.树在春天长出新叶子。2.bring(strength)into action;show;display使出劲;做出努力Putting forth a great effort,he uprooted the tree.他费了好大劲才把那棵树连根拔起。Students who put forth much effort will get ahead.勤奋的学生是会取得进步的。In the contest,our team was trying for the prize,so we put forth a lot of effort.在比赛中,我们队力争要得奖,所以我们作了很大努力。3.state;propose;offer(a plan)陈述,提出(计划等)The heads of government of many countries have sầu put forth a better system for preventing world war.许多国家的政府首脑提出了阻止世界大战爆发的更好办法。The President put forth his best plan for cutting down on in flation.总统提出了控制通货膨胀的最佳方案。

put forth|put

v. phr. To produce; issue; send out. In the spring the táo bị cắn dở trees put forth beautiful Trắng blossoms. The chairman of the board put forth an innovative sầu proposal that was circulated by mail.
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