He strongly resembles his father in appearance and in temperament. Terrier dogs closely resemble each other.

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Recent Examples on the Web Standard handgun rounds tkết thúc to produce injuries that resemble stabbings. — Tlặng Dickinson, Rolling Stone, 23 Dec. 2021 The sanitizer is packaged in 8-ounce containers that resemble water bottles. — Staff Reports, USA TODAY, 28 Nov. 2021 Owl butterflies, for instance, have large spots that resemble owl eyes — a way to fool predators — while monarchs contain foul-tasting toxins. — Thủ đô New York Times, 25 Nov. 2021 The surfaces are painted in mostly abstract patterns that resemble imaginary đô thị maps or fictional machine diagrams, and complement such structural features as notches, shelves and windowlượt thích apertures. — Washington Post, 5 Nov. 2021 Mammals make all manner of sounds, but their calls rarely resemble music. — Jachồng Tamisiea, Scientific American, 25 Oct. 2021 His signatures are all there: beautifully built sets that resemble elaborate cutouts, droll line readings that prompt frequent chuckles but few belly laughs, & a deeply controlling directorial approach. — David Sims, The Atlantic, 22 Oct. 2021 In rough seas, breaking waves can play tricks và for brief moments resemble wobbly boats in the distance. — BostonGlobe.com, 17 Oct. 2021 The building’s centerpiece will be 250 gambling terminals that resemble slot machines — but which actually allow players lớn bet on horse races that occurred years earlier, with the names & locations obscured. — oregonlive, 7 Oct. 2021

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History & Etymology for resemble

Middle English, from Anglo-French resembler, from re- + sembler khổng lồ be lượt thích, seem, from Latin similare khổng lồ copy, from similis like — more at same

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The first known use of resemble was in the 14th century

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