The Six Sigma Green Belt operates in support of or under the supervision of a Six Sigma Blaông xã Belt, analyzes and solves unique problems and is involved in quality improvement projects. A Green Belt is someone with at least three years of work experience who wants to demonstrate his or her knowledge of Six Sigma tools and processes.

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nhận xét the different Six Sigma belts, levels & roles.

Download the Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Brochure (PDF, 1.7 MB).

Download the Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Fact Sheet(PDF, 60 KB).

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April 1 - 30, 2022

Application Deadline: March5,2022

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Candidates must have worked in a full-time, paid role. Paid intern, co-op or any other course work cannot be applied toward the work experience requirement.


Years of on-the-job experience in one or more of the areas of the Certified Six Sigma Green Belt Body of Knowledge.


Educational waivers are not granted for this exam.

Prepare for the exam

Đánh Giá a list of references that provide the basis for the exam questions. These items give you a better idea of the material covered in the exam. offers many books và training opportunities lớn help you prepare.


CSSGB Question Bank

The CSSGB Question Bank provides sample exam questions based on the CSSGB Body of Knowledge. Includes simulated timed exam and Review modes.


CSSGB Handbook

The CSSGB Handbook is a companion guide to your exam"s Body of Knowledge. The handbook can be used during your open-book exam!


CSSGB Study Guide

The CSSGB Study Guide is a companion guide to lớn your exam"s Body of Knowledge. The handbook can be used during your open-book exam!


CSSGB Certification Prep


Each certification candidate is required to pass an examination that consists of multiple choice questions that measure comprehension of the Body of Knowledge.

Computer Delivered - The CSSGB examination is a one-part, 110-question exam, & is offered in English only. 100 questions are scored and 10 are unscored. Total appointment time is four-and-a-half-hours, exam time is 4 hours và 18 minutes.

Paper and Pencil - The CSSGB examination is a one-part, 100-question, four-hour exam và is offered in English, Spanish, & Mandarin in certain locations. View available translated exams, dates & locations here.

All examinations are open book. Each participant must bring his or her own reference materials. Use of reference materials and calculators is explained in the FAQs.

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For more information about examination delivery options, including online, remote proctored examination, please visit the computer-based testing page.

What Happens if I pass/fail?


If taking the exam CBT you will get your result immediately after submitting the exam. Within 3-5 business days you will receive an tin nhắn confirming the result. will mail your hardcopy certificate. Delivery estimates for your certificate are 1-2 weeks (US và Canada), 6-8 weeks (International mailing). communicates exam results for exams with updated or new Bodies of Knowledge (pilot exams) within five weeks.


If you bởi vì not pass your CBT exam you will receive sầu a summary of your performance via gmail within 3-5 business days from your initial exam. For 2 years from your previous attempt you can apply at a significantly reduced "retake rate". (Please see Exam Results FAQs for additional details.) Results for Paper-based tests will be slightly delayed.

Body of Knowledge

Included in this toàn thân of knowledge are explanations (subtext) and cognitive levels for each topic or subtopic in the test. These details will be used by the Examination Development Committee as guidelines for writing test questions & are designed khổng lồ help candidates prepare for the exam by identifying specific nội dung within each topic that can be tested.

Except where specified, the subtext is not intended to limit the subject or be all-inclusive sầu of what might be covered in an exam but is intended to lớn clarify how topics are related khổng lồ the role of the Certified Six Sigma Green Belt. The descriptor in parentheses at the end of each subtext entry refers to the highest cognitive màn chơi at which the topic will be tested. A complete description of cognitive sầu levels is provided at the kết thúc of the document.

Download the Certified Six Sigma Green Belt Body of Knowledge

Download PDF (1.7 MB)

Policies và Procedures

Identification Policies

Identification Policy

You will be required to lớn present one valid, government-issued phokhổng lồ ID with a signature (e.g., driver"s license or passport).

The ID you bring must match your name as stated on your application.

All of your personal belongings will be placed in your temporary Prometric locker during your time in the test center. You will be permitted to lớn keep your ID & your locker key with you at all times.

Calculator Policies

Calculator Policy

All computer-based exams feature a basic scientific calculator on-screen in the exam. Prometric Test Center Administrators can provide you with a hand-held basic calculator upon request. Any silent, hand-held, battery-operated calculator with no programmable memory will be permitted. Programmable calculators tkết thúc khổng lồ have sầu graphing capabilities, the ability to store text/alphanumeric data by the input of the user, và a function (fn, F1, F2, etc.) button.Calculators such as the Texas Instruments TI-89 or similar are absolutely not allowed because they are programmable.

References/xuất hiện Book Policy

References/mở cửa Book Policy

Prometric will provide you scratch paper and pencils.All exams are open book và all reference materials (including all forms of notes) must be bound và remain bound during the exam.Bound refers khổng lồ material permanently bound by stitching or glue và materials fastened securely in its cover by fasteners, which penetrate all papers (i.e., ring binders, spiral binders, plastic snap binders, brads, or screw posts).Manually or hand-stapled documents that are not securely fastened in their covers are not allowed.Before you enter the exam room, the Test Center Administrator (TCA) will inspect all references. "Post-Its" will be permitted as book tabs only (must be attached prior to entering the test center).

Arrival Time

Arrival Time

Plan to lớn arrive 30 minutes before the scheduled appointment to allow time for check-in procedures. If you are late in arriving, you will not be allowed to thử nghiệm & will forfeit your exam fee.

Absences, Cancellations, Reschedules

Absences, Cancellations, Reschedules

If you wish to lớn change your exam appointment date or time, you must do so at least five sầu days prior lớn your appointment using the Reschedule/Cancel option on Prometric"s trang web, or by contacting Prometric"s automated voice response system. There is a $100 fee for changing an appointment. Failure to lớn appear for your exam appointment will result in a loss of all applications fees. *Please note: For candidates taking a translated, paper-based exam in China, all reschedules and cancellations must be completed at least 45 days prior lớn your examination date.

Prohibited Items

Prohibited Items

Items strictly prohibited in the exam area: hand-stapled materials, blank writing tablets or tablets containing blank pages, unbound tablets, unbound notes, slide charts and/or wheel charts (hand-held cardboard or plastic calculating devices with rotating or sliding pieces).

Application Process & Timeline

1. Submit your application: Application Đánh Giá takes 1-2 business days for online applications and 3-5 for hardcopy applications.

2. Review: After completes the Review process you will receive sầu an approval notification via tin nhắn or a "hold" message explaining that more information is needed for your application to be approved. If it is determined that you vì chưng not meet exam requirements, you will receive a refund minus a $100 processing fee.

3. Testing Optionsa. Computer-Based Testing, CBT: 1-2 business days after you receive sầu your approval notification, you will receive sầu an eligibility email containing instructions on how to schedule your exam with our testing provider Prometric.

b. Paper-Based Testing, PBT: If you have registered for a Paper-based or translated exam you will not receive an eligibility gmail. Instead you will receive a seating letter with your exam date, time, & location approximately 2 weeks before your exam date.

4. Schedule your exam with Prometric: Schedule your exam appointment in the testing window you chose at the time of application.