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Daft Punk, Curtain Call

Eight years after Random Access Memories transcended the artistic concept that had begun with Homework eighteen years earlier, Daft Punk have sầu brought things to lớn a halternative text. It is as if to lớn say that no further reinvention was possible after their last album, which was the culmination of a career that paid tribute lớn the pop culture of the 1970s and 1980s.

The Prince of the 80s

In the family of funk Prince Rogers Nelson was a genre all by himself. In 40 years of career, he managed khổng lồ set the legacy of the founding fathers (James Brown, Sly Stone & George Clinton) with influences lượt thích rock 'n' roll, electro và even jazz. An exuberant và stunning groove that shone mainly between 1978 and 1988...

The British Blues Boom, Chronicle of a Revolution

If Joe Bonamassa has come bachồng with British Blues Explosion, a year after the Rolling Stones’ Blue And Lonesome, it has cemented the fact that the British Blues Boom was more than just a trend. More than a simple musical trkết thúc, it was the interest of a younger generation for the great American blues idols that had been ignored in their country, which led khổng lồ a real revolution, with three major agitators leading the charge, Eric Clapton, Jeff Bechồng and Jimmy Page, considered in the UK as the “Holy Trinity” of rochồng & guitar. If they were far from being the only musicians involved, it is through their respective careers that we have sầu discovered that blues, far from being an outdated musical genre, is some kind of getaway to lớn other musical areas & has allowed for endless innovations.