We came within five points of beating them (= we would have sầu beaten them if we had had five sầu more points).

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Bargaining processes within countries và previous institutional structures contributed lớn shape reforms differently in each context.
Aao ước the most fundamental và important distinctions within rights theory is that between will và interest theories of rights.
Instead, they tried khổng lồ interpret it as being within the limits set by the more restrictive sầu theological tradition.
There is general acknowledgement that the role that religion played within court life was changing during this period.
The diversity of experience within each rank indicates the problematic nature of working with an oversimplistic interpretation.
All that has been done here has been khổng lồ demonstrate that the court moved with caution and within established guidelines.
The registration law of successive sầu occupation stipulated that those electors who moved only within a parliamentary borough would not be disqualified by the move.
At the county level, there are incentives lớn retain patients by developing treatment capađô thị within the county.
The concept of the life course is often subsumed within a contemporary sociology that assumes a high degree of diversity, fluidity and individual choice.
The patient usually retur ns trang chủ the day following the implant & retur ns lớn normal activities within a few days.

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the first person lớn vì chưng something or go somewhere, who shows that it is also possible for other people

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